I have decided to start providing some short helpful webinars for free.  After the initial webinar date, the recordings will still be available.  Most will be about 30 mins to 1hr long. I will be posting them on the website as well: http://twogetherconsulting.com/

Some of the topics I would like to include are: How to download and open those annoying pdf forms from the HHSC website and actually be able to read them.  (This is just based on the fact that people complain about this almost weekly to me and I am always walking someone through the process.), How to open and use Dropbox when someone sends you a shared folder. (business version only).  (Again, this is based on the fact that many of my HCS applicants and sometimes waiver providers have to share documents this way to work on them together or have access to forms for example from anywhere.)

We will also be inviting guest speakers to provide short webinars to providers on resources they might want to access.   Eric Dodd from Taskmaster Pro will be joining us in November for a free webinar and I am working on some of the payroll/hr companies, EVV providers, etc… to also join us as guests.