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Twogether Consulting has served as consultants to both HCS, TXHML, &  ICF providers statewide, assisting them in areas of personnel training, quality assurance, survey and audit preparation and recovery, level of need increases, development of policies and procedures, plans of correction, billing errors and omissions. We also hold classes statewide for nurses, care coordinators, QIDP’s, program administrators, quality assurance staff, as well as “on-site only” classes for direct care.

With combined experience of more than 50 years serving individuals with developmental disabilities in both the public and private sectors, Twogether Consulting is here to help you as HCS, ICF/IID and TXHML providers build a more successful business while improving your quality of service delivery to the individuals in your program.

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Twogether Consulting Flyer 2017

Julie Andrews Blacklock  (Owner/IDD Consultant)

For current and future HCS/TxHmL Provider applicants please contact myself or Meghan Jones at:  meghanjones.tx@gmail.com for assistance.
If you have any issues or needs pertaining to your application we are working on, have previously worked on, or that you have recently sent in, please contact myself or Meghan.  For those of you who are receiving assistance from us with completing your HCS application packets, if you have received any correspondence from HHSC pertaining to your application please notify us right away– corrections to application, notice of acceptance of application, notice of PAO, if you passed your PAO test , or your letter of licensure.   
Meghan will be handling  the Security & Privacy Inquiry Form for the applicants and she will handle any scheduling needs, if you need to talk to me for initial consultation.

**We do also have an application specialist who can assist with persons wanting to apply for the newer Mental Health HCS waiver program.

Twogether Consulting has worked with many providers over the past 15 years, and one of the things we assist providers with the most, besides training staff, is assisting them in times of crisis, lol.
Just wanted to provide a few helpful tips when seeking assistance from Twogether Consulting with your Plans of Correction (POC’s) and Directive Inservice Trainings (DIT’s) in the ICF program as well as those of you in the HCS or TxHmL programs who need assistance with your Corrective Action Plans CAP’s/POC’s and evidence of corrections.  Please be sure to notify us as early as possible.  Do not wait!!.  The minute the surveyor walks out of the facility, or even if you know prior to them leaving the facility that you will need DIT’s, POC’s, CAP’s, or other assistance, please contact us.  Often your time period is limited for response!  The sooner you contact us, the more time we have to help you, which makes it much easier for the facility to make the corrections and implement or start to implement the corrective action. It also allows Twogether Consulting staff to have more time to guide and monitor your staff on how to make those corrections and implement them and many times to actually train the appropriate staff, as is the case in a DIT.
Please remember that these tags and citations have to be reviewed thoroughly by our team, even before we can assist your facility properly.  Another item of note, is that the less time we have to provide the services to you, meaning the closer the deadline or closer to the holiday it gets, the higher the cost is for  services.  We are very reasonable with our pricing for providers, but we do have to charge more when more team members are pulled in or we are taken away from other projects.
If your plan of correction/corrective action plan does require QA (quality assurance) from Twogether Consulting or f/u by our staff to ensure the plan is being implemented correctly and effectively, that you need to be sure and follow through with this action in order to comply with your own POC/CAP.  Please be sure to stay in contact with us and continue to schedule your follow up assistance, particularly any QA you have stated will take place at a particular frequency (quarterly, monthly, etc….).  Some of this may be able to be off-site as well as on-site, especially if you have electronic records system of some type.
FYI- I have recently been contacted by several HCS provider applicants and persons seeking assistance with , training, survey prep, billing prep, and policy and procedure, who have used a few other consultants.  Not all of course, but  unfortunately some of them were charged much more money for a whole lot less service. I am sorry to hear that and I hope we can help you in the future.  I myself have been an owner of an HCS program and I do understand the cost of running a program and the limited financial return sometimes for the amount of service the facility is expected to provide. This is one of the reasons we try to cut back  or limit our own expenses where we can and continue to make it affordable for the provider.  To all our current customers, thank you so much for your business and referrals over the years.  We will have a slight increase in rates this year, but it will be minimal and mostly concerning contractor’s travel expenses.

Person Centered Planning/Practices Training

Good News!!!   Free Live Trainings For Person Centered Training are still available

Hill Country MH/DD Centers’ HUB continues to provide free 2-day Person Centered Planning/Practices Training again, so if you have’t met compliance yet with rules and regulations on getting anyone involved with development of the Implementation Plan trained, here is your chance!
They have continued to provide these trainings as of  April, 2017. They received funding to start supporting 9 additional people at Hill Country to become Person Centered Thinking trainers. Woo hoo!

“Here are the dates for the Person Centered 2-day trainings we received from Debbie Little Smith/IDD Specialist at Hill Country MHDD Centers.

The Hill Country Transition Support Team (aka “hub”) is pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring four 2-day Person Centered Thinking trainings during April and May, 2019. The attached flyers contain detailed information about these trainings. All four trainings are free and meet HHSC criteria for Person Centered Practices training for persons who are developing plans of service.

The first of these trainings will be offered on April 9th & 10th in Victoria, Texas. The link to register is: https://pctvic12019.splashthat.com/


The second training will be offered on April 23rd & 24th in San Antonio, Texas. The link to register is: https://pct2019sa2.splashthat.com/

The third training will be offered on May 8th & 9th in Victoria, Texas. The link to register is: https://pct2019vic2.splashthat.com/

The fourth training will be offered on May 29th & 30th in San Antonio, Texas. The link to register is: https://pct2019sa3.splashthat.com/


Please feel free to share this information with people who receive services, their friends and family, and those who provide services. Everyone is welcome!

12 CEU’s for SW’s and LPC’s

New dates, flyers, and registration links will  be available for those of you who are interested as I receive updates. I will post it in our monthly newsletters as well.   

Please remember this is not being presented by Twogether Consulting, this is a service provided by Hill Country MHDD Centers IDD Training HUB.”

If you have not received an invoice from us and you need to make a payment quickly, please use the Paypal link below.  Please contact Meghan Jones at meghanjones.tx@gmail.com before making a payment, so we know what the payment is for.

Meghan Jones

Meghan Jones is our awesome Admin. Assistant, otherwise known as our “Jill of All Trades”.  She handles our registration, keeps up with our enormous provider contact list, our company schedule and calendar, and she is our main point of contact for scheduling, other than myself.  We couldn’t make it without our Meghan!  I know many of you have talked to Meghan over the phone.


Good news, we will be changing our logo and updating the website some starting this month.  Our resource page and satisfied customers page as well as “our services” pages will have the most changes.  Please be sure and share feedback with us on the changes.  We hope to be completed by the end of March 2019.

 “Trainings” can also be viewed on “Trainings” page/tab.  Please click on this tab at the top of this home page.   

Most of our trainings are available both on-site and for general attendance by all providers.  Due to the limited budget of many facilities and the upcoming administrative penalties that will be in place in the near future, we do understand that it may be more economical and/or convenient for many of you to have the option of participating in webinars in addition to live trainings.  Therefore, we have been providing webinars for the past few years, live sessions as well as recorded sessions available for purchase with handouts.

New postings are now available for March & April classes and/or webinars.   

Live Trainings On-Site  (Please contact us if you want us to provide these trainings on-site for your program):  Care Coordination in the HCS Program, Using Person Centered Thinking To Develop The IP (Implementation Plan), Changes in the HCS Progam, Quality Assurance,  Changes in The Survey Process In HCS (we are adding one for ICF), Changes in The Billing Audit Process in HCS and TxHmL, Nursing  in HCS & ICF Programs, Common Nursing Errors In The HCS (ICF also) Program & Corrective Action Planning-Classes & Webinars and more, ICAP/IDRC/ and LON Increase Packet Training.

ICF:  The Role & Responsibilities of the QIDP, Changes To the ICF Surveyor’s Guide-Appendix J- “How It Affects Your Program”, as well as DIT Trainings-A/N/E, Expectations of The Nurse From The Direct Support Staff, Nursing In The ICF Program, and much more.

Webinars Now & Coming Soon:   “Host Home/Companion Care- What are The Responsibilities of an HH/CC Provider?”, “Expectations of the Direct Care Staff From The Nurse”, “How To Have A Successful Survey” -for DCS staff, “Abuse, Neglect, & Exploitation Reporting and Facility Follow-up” (for ICF, HCS, TXHML, CDS, CFC both Admin staff and DCS),  &  many others,  Nursing Peer Review and Safe Harbor, and more…

We have also decided to start offering a variety of trainings for direct care via webinar, some with tests and we can provide inservice signature sheets &/or certificates based on your request.  

nurse-medicalWe will also have a variety of other nursing sessions

New Classes!  

In March we will have a live session: -1 day class:  “How to Better Your Documentation and Capture Billable Nursing Services” -HCS/TxHmL– developed to assist nurses become better acquainted with “what is” and “what is not” billable in nursing and ensure they capture Billable Nursing services appropriately in their notes and what to consider in terms of “nursing service justifications”, which must be billable services.  (We will have variety of samples of nursing notes, case scenario exercises, and review of each billable service)                                                                                                         

“Developing The CNA and Nursing Care Plan” 2019 Update (For HCS/TxHmL) will be a live class at The Harris Center of MH/IDD on April 15th, 2019.

“Jurisprudence, Ethics, and The Need For Nursing Peer Review Process In IDD Waiver Services” 

New[1]If you are a new provider or even a current provider and you need assistance with development of marketing material for your website and/or assistance with development of a company brochure, please feel free to contact us.  We often help both new and current providers with putting their websites and brochures together.  In this day and age marketing is key to ensuring consumers/individuals and their families along with others looking for IDD services and resources, understand what you and your company are about and any areas that you may specialize in, so feel free to contact us for assistance.

Twogether Consulting has recently begun assisting ICF providers with DIT’s (Directed Inservice Trainings) which often must be provided by an outside qualified entity ( that’s us!) that is sometimes mandated by DADS after an IJ (Immediate Jeopardy)  Immediate Jeopardy is based on serious concerns for the individual’s health, safety, and/or welfare ) or the DIT may also be due to the follow up investigation  by DADS (now HHSC-Health & Human Services Commission) due to A/N/E (Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation) allegations.  Please contact us if you are in need ASAP!  We continue to help HCS, TXHML, and ICF providers with Corrective Action Plans/Plans of Correction as well as Development of Policy & Procedure.

Corrective Action Plans/Plans of Corrections/-HCS/TxHmL providers:  If you need assistance off-site or on-site we can provide this for you.  With the new administrative penalties coming it is becoming imperative to address the issues immediately that you are cited for in the TAC.  We also assist with doing some corrections such as inservices or providing inservice material,  polices and procedures, or quality assurance monitoring as part of your plan of correction. We have an RN Consultant as well to assist with nursing specific citations.

Do you need DUA/SPI policies and procedures for your facility?  Please contact us right away.  Recently we have also added a new IT consultant to the agency (Greg Mahaley), to work with the rest of our team on developing this specific protocols for your facility.   Greg is able to assist our providers with recommendations  for their own individualized protocols for Security and Privacy of Public Health Information (PHI) that might be stored, maintained, transmitted via email, fax, cloud based programs and services, etc…  Greg is available off-site and he is able to travel to you as well.

choice[1]“What do I do next?”  If you would like to become an HCS or TxHmL provider and need help with the application process, studying for taking provider test when application is approved, developing policies and procedures for new HCS, TXHML, or newly acquired ICF company, or if you need help with marketing your program, and “start-up”, please contact us!

New-Sign--Arvin61r58[1]See Twogether Consulting Services Available on our Flyer below:

Our monthly newsletters started as of November, 2015.  Currently we are posting at least 2 newsletters a month.  So, if you would like to subscribe to the newsletter or contact list, please be sure to do so while you are visiting the website.  Or you may email at:  javasbja@aol.com or javasbja@gmail.com.


Julie Andrews Blacklock  (Owner/IDD Consultant)