Texas Workforce Commission

Update on TWC services Provider Manual and Resources 

The following revisions to the Vocational Rehabilitation Standards for Providers Manual (VR-SFP) are available for 30-day review on the Vocational Rehabilitation Providers’ Resources page and will go into effect on June 29, 2020.

Chapter 2: Obtaining a Contract for Goods and Services—updated Section 2.8.1 Adding Counties or Services, Goods, and/or Equipment to a Contract, to indicate that provider contracts awarded after January 2020 will be statewide and therefore will not list the counties to be served.

Chapter 17: Basic Employment Services—updated Section 17.4.1 Bundled Job Placement Services Service Description and its associated form VR1845B, Bundled Job Placement Services Plan—Part B and Status Report, to clarify which types of placements are acceptable for VR customers and the use of online paystub creator system.

Chapter 18: Supported Employment Services—updated Section 18.1, Supported Employment Overview, and its associated form VR1643, Supported Employment Services Plan 2—Placement, Job Analysis &Training Plan, to clarify which types of placements are acceptable for VR customers.