Off-site Services Agreement

Twogether Consulting offers off-site services to HCS (Home & Community Based Services) Providers in the state of Texas & ICFDD (Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled) Providers nationally via telephone, e-mail and fax. The provider can call or email Twogether Consulting with questions or they may schedule lengthier Q&A sessions. The Provider may also email or fax documents for review to be sure they meet state standards. Lastly, the Provider may request specific documents to be developed.

Twogether Consulting is available to assist and advise program directors, care coordinators, QMRP’s and nurses. Twogether Consulting can review and provide feedback for any of the Provider’s program documents, answer questions regarding the Texas Administrative Code and Billing Guidelines, assist with writing plans of correction, developing policies and procedures and with creating tools and tracking systems.

Please read the following agreement before payment.  If you are in agreement, you may then choose one of the following service options for off-site services, and make payment via our Pay Pal account. Your purchase of services indicates that you are in agreement with the following AGREEMENT TERMS.


The Provider must contact Twogether Consulting, per phone or e-mail to arrange any off-site services.  Initial phone or email contact for services should be with Julie Blacklock:

Julie Blacklock, Owner
Twogether Consulting Limited
Phone: 512-294-8032

After initial phone or email contact requesting off-site support services, the Provider is free to begin working with Julie.

Billing: The Provider will be billed in 15-minute increments. A service (conversation or review) lasting up to 20 minutes will be billed as 15 minutes and 21-30 minutes will be billed as 30 minutes. A service lasting up to 50 minutes will be bill as 45 minutes and 51-60 minutes will be billed as 1 hour. The Provider will receive quarterly invoices via email showing the time used and time remaining on the account, along with details of how the time was spent.

Saving time: The Provider can save hours. A Provider may sign up for a year of services, and then save up a maximum of 2 quarters at a time.
For example: If Option 2 is purchased for at least 2 or more quarters,  the provider may use a maximum of 12 hours in one month provided that no hours were used the previous month/s of the quarter.  This way the Provider can use services when they are needed most.

The Provider may also save up time within a quarter to use the total time for the quarter all in one month. For example:  If Option 2 is purchased for 1 quarter only (6 hrs), the Provider may use all 6 hours of services in one month.

Contract Obligations: The Provider is not obligated to sign up for an entire year.  The Provider may contract off-site services with Twogether Consulting for 1, 2 or 3 quarters or for a year.   The more hours per quarter the Provider purchases, the lower the cost per hour.  The Provider must make a minimum purchase of 3 hours for 1 quarter in order to use off-site support services provided by Twogether Consulting.

Confidentiality Agreement:
Twogether Consulting agrees to the following Confidentiality Statement:

During the term of this relationship, consultants from Twogether Consulting may have access to confidential information from various Private Providers participating in the following programs: Home and Community-Based Services & Intermediate Care Facilities For The Mentally Retarded and its consumers, including but not limited to service plans/staffings, behavioral modification plans, medical information, personnel information, financial information, assessments, surveys, consumer information, lists of guardians, suppliers and vendors (collectively the “Confidential Information”).  Such Confidential Information is and shall remain the sole and exclusive property and proprietary information of that Private Provider and/or its consumers, as the case may be, and is disclosed in confidence by the Private Provider in reliance on Consultant’s agreement to maintain (and to cause any Consultant to maintain) such Confidential Information in confidence and to not use or disclose (and to cause any Consultant to not use or disclose) such Confidential Information to any other person, or any third party except as part of the Consultant’s duties under the independent contract with each Private Provider.

Cancellation Terms:  The Provider may cancel the contract if they are not satisfied with the off-site support services provided to them by Twogether Consulting.  The Provider must send a written notice by email requesting termination or cancellation of the contract, to Twogether Consulting at:

Twogether Consulting, Limited will refund money via check for the remaining balance of unused time on the Provider’s account.

Important Information:
Q & A sessions and conference calls should be arranged by appointment. Due to our business travel and teaching classes, a Consultant may not be able to take a call right away.  A Consultant will return phone calls within 24 hours (usually the same day).  Please do not call Twogether Consulting, Limited on weekends or national holidays.

If the Provider sends documentation for one of our consultants to review and feedback such as an IP or annual staffing, please allow for a 2-3 day turn around. The Consultant will complete the work in a timely fashion. However, it may not be within the same day that it is received.


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