July 30th, 2022

Entering Non-Waiver Services in the LTC Online Portal in the HCS Program

Effective immediately, Home and Community-based Services Program providers are responsible for entering all non-HCS Program and non-Community First Choice services into the HHSC data system.

Non-HCS and non-CFC services data are entered in the “Non-Waiver” services tab of the individual plan of care in the Long-term Care Online Portal. During a meeting to develop or revise an IPC, the service coordinator must provide information to the HCS Program provider about all non-HCS and non-CFC services and supports a person receives.

Per 40 Texas Administrative Code Section 9.159(c), an IPC must be based on a person’s person-directed plan. The IPC must specify the type and amount of each HCS service, CFC service (except CFC support management), and the non-HCS and non-CFC services and supports provided during the IPC year.

The service coordinator is still responsible for entering non-HCS and non-CFC services in the LTC Online Portal for HCS services delivered through the Consumer Directed Services option