Reminder:  April 14th, 2024- in case you missed this in March 

March 11th, 2024

According to HHSC, “the process outlined below and implemented by TMHP should make the lookup tool unnecessary for cost reporting.”

TMHP created a claims data export process to allow HCS/TxHmL providers to access units of service information to support cost reporting. This hopefully will make the UOS lookup tool unnecessary.

Texas Med Connect (TMC) users can request the Claims Data Export through TMC and will be available the next day to download.  For those who would like more information, they should contact the LTC Help Desk at 800-626-4117 (option 1).

TMHP also created a short video detailing this process: Claims Data Export – YouTube

***PFD will be adding this information to the cost report training.


January 1st, 2023

HHSC will be producing a lookup tool for the 2023 accountability report and it will be posted to STAIRS like they did for the 2022 cost report. It should be available as of February 2023, when the reports normally are released in STAIRS. A Gov Delivery will be sent out once the tool is posted to STAIRS.