December 06th, 2022

Please see this alert that was just sent to the 3 IDD associations from HHSC 

In an effort to identify potential IPC forms processing delays for Providers and LIDDAs, HHSC identified sixty-six (66)% of the form statuses on the portal are in a Pending DADS Review
Forms in this status typically require action to be taken by the submitter of the form per the attached HHSC clarification.   
Please share the attached alert document to your case managers, program managers, and appropriate persons, so that they can submit the appropriate documentation to process the forms and create a service authorization
The provider/submitter may need to submit a documentation packet for review in order to obtain approval for the IPC.  As many of you know, some of your major billing issues in TMHP have occurred, due to pending IPC’s. I urge you to sign up for for the December 8th webinar as well, see webinar registration information below

Upcoming Provider Webinar HHSC will discuss this topic during the December 8th, 2022,
TMHP LTC Portal for HCS/TxHmL Providers and FMSAs Webinar.
Please click on this link to register for this webinar.
If you are unable to attend the webinar, please click on this link to access the December 8th, 2022,
TMHP LTC Portal for HCS/TxHmL Providers and FMSAs Webinar recording.
Please note: this recording should be available by December 15th, 2022.

Packet/Documentation Submission Details
The most efficient mode of submission forHCS/TxHmL documentation is through the IDD Operations Portal.
To learn how to register and use the IDD Operations Portal or for answers to any questions, please
Packets may also be submitted via fax at 512-438-4249.
For questions about review packets, submitters can contact the HHSC UR department at 512-438-5055 or email
.For questions about enrollment or transfers, submitters can contact PES at 512-438-2484 or email