January 15th, 2024

Revalidations: Important Updates

When completing revalidations for HCS, providers must list all non-family operated HH locations and 3/4 bed HCS group home locations as practice locations. It would appear that TMHP is just realizing this and is contacting providers whose applications are in some stage of approval.

HHSC stated that if a provider has already completed the process (and been approved) and did not include non-family operated HH and 3/4 bed group home locations, the provider can wait until its next revalidation to add them.

The revalidation process does not apply to ISS at this time.

HHSC stated that if there are providers whose applications have been pending for some time with no communication as to their status or have other application issues, you can contact your provider associations to contact HHSC or you can contact PEMS directly.


The Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) and TMHP are collaborating on distributing information regarding the need to revalidate and how to obtain assistance for this.

Videos have been created showing how to complete a revalidation request from start to finish for an organization’s NPI or a performing provider through PEMS.

Links to YouTube video:

Revalidating An Organizational NPI

Revalidating a Performing Provider

TMHP also has a Provider Enrollment Instructional Site which provides written instructions for what is required when completing any type of enrollment request including a revalidation request.

PEMS Instructional Site

PEMS Instructional Site

TMHP has also put together an Enrollment Revalidation Quick Reference Guide (QRG) that goes over the steps to get started, information that is required to be updated or confirmed, along with handbooks and user guides that are helpful for any account assistance that may be necessary.

Enrollment Revalidation Quick Reference Guide

Enrollment Revalidation QRG

These are valuable resources that should be able to assist most providers through their revalidation request. Additionally, please see the posts HHSC has provided on their LinkedIn and Twitter (X) accounts with these reminders.



Twitter (X)


For additional assistance please have the Providers reach out to our contact center at 800-925-9126.