January 18, 2024 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
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Meghan Jones

Millin Associates
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Twogether Consulting is super excited to have Millin Associates as our guest presenters for the month of January 2024.  They will be sharing information about MillinPro Billing Systems. We hope that this will be a great resource for HCS/TxHmL providers for billing claims in TMHP, even recapturing billing claims as well as Electronic Visit Verification (EVV).

This session is part of our “Free Resources for IDD Providers” Webinar Series for January of 2024!

Free Webinar Series Hosted By: Twogether Consulting

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Session Discussion 

The Texas IDD billing process through TMHP has been burdening providers since its inception. HCS, TxHmL and ICF providers have been plagued with denied claims, decreased revenue, and inefficiencies in tracking and reporting. 
In this webinar, Millin will address a range of best-practice topics to help you stay on top of your Texas HCS, TxHmL and ICF billing. We’ll share the functionality we’ve built into our MillinPro software and our internal process that has led us to an incredible 99.2% collection rate on all eligible claims.
Millin aims to simplify your billing process by bypassing much of the manual work you need to do on TMHP.
Millin aims to automate most of the process with features that include eligibility checks, batch submission capabilities, issue-tracking and a library of reports designed to replace the R+S functions of TMHP.



Lindsay Marrione – Customer Success Manager
Bio: Lindsay joined Millin’s team in 2022 as Customer Success Manager and has since maintained the satisfaction of over 350 clients across several states. Lindsay actively engages with Millin’s clients on a regular basis, working with them on ways to enhance the user experience. Lindsay has her hands on a lot of the content and marketing efforts provided to Millin users which helps foster relationships with providers and equips them with the support and skills they need to maximize their agencies’ revenue.  Lindsay has become an integral part of Millin’s growing presence in Texas and takes an active role in providing solutions to HCS providers struggling with TMHP and billing issues.


Ralph Hoyos – Account Executive
Bio: Ralph has been leading Millin’s efforts in Texas since he joined the team a few years ago. Over the last 2 years, his focus has been working with existing clients and prospective MillinPro users, actively finding them solutions to enhance their revenue cycle process. Ralph stays ahead of the latest industry- wide shifts in healthcare RCM and has helped providers navigate some of the largest changes in State history, including the move from CARE to TMHP for providers in Texas. Millin has significantly increased its presence in TX since Ralph joined the team. He is an avid learner and can frequently be seen at statewide conferences and meetings, attending various workshops throughout the year.

MillinPro Billing System

More information about MillinPro Billing…..

Millin has over 40 years of I/DD and Behavioral Health billing experience and expertise. We can help increase efficiencies and reduce or even eliminate denials/rejections. Our cutting-edge MillinPro rules-based revenue cycle management system can integrate with the EMR/EVV and accounting system of your choice. Creating a best-of-breed system environment reduces risk and increases revenue.

In addition, MillinPro is already a TMHP-approved system. There are over 350 agencies that are currently taking advantage of MillinPro. Last year over $3 billion worth of claims were successfully processed through MillinPro. A number of providers now use EMR/EVV systems that have billing modules, yet they choose to integrate the MillinPro billing system, recognizing the value of our billing expertise and advanced technology is unparalleled and provides a higher ROI.  They can help with EVV, Claim Sorting

In addition, many agencies also choose to outsource their entire billing process to Millin since keeping up with the ever-changing regulatory requirements and complicated payer rules has become a lot more challenging.”.

FYI-MillinPro currently partners with some of the current Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems that are being utilized by many of our HCS/TxHmL providers in the state of Texas.  (i.e.Therap and TaskMaster Pro)

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