April 5th, 2024
Please see the article below which was published a few days ago, regarding the impact of the $10.60/hour direct care wage funded by the 88th Texas Legislature.  The article provides an excellent description of an IDD provider system under mounting stress due to inadequate funds to combat the relentless workforce shortage.  Note that while the article does not mention the 3 IDD associations by name, it does reference their collective efforts to secure emergency funding to increase direct care wages to $15/hour, the results of our August 2023 survey (previously sent to all members), and the letter 51 Texas State House Representatives sent to the HHSC Executive Commissioner last fall urging her to secure additional funds (also previously sent to members).   Please share!

Making life-or-death decisions for $10.60 an hour: Texas group homes suffer from staffing crisis

Miranda Suarez


March 27, 2023