Update:  HCS/TxHmL Provider Applicant Training/Testing

Currently, we do not have a definitive date for when HHSC will offer live Provider Applicant Training and Testing again.  There has been some mention of a possible live training and testing session August, but most likely this is doubtful to occur, due to COVID-19 precautions and rules of social distancing, really limit the options of a live testing session. 

We have had quite a few of our HCS/TxHmL provider applicants since the end of May, recently receive letters referring to them to take online orientation in the form of online training modules. (Online Provider Applicant Training through the HHSC learning portal which is a series of 13 modules).

The directions to these same provider applicants after taking the online orientation seems to indicate that the testing part of the application process is a bit of a “holding pattern”.  They have been told that they will be notified of further instruction on testing after completion of the “online provider applicant training modules” as soon as testing is scheduled.

**It has been suggested by a few of the applicant specialists at HHSC we have heard back from, that they will be notified to schedule a time to test with a proctor, so the testing may be one on one or with a small group.  We do not know if that will still be in Austin or various locations.

I will keep you posted on any new changes.