Our good friend, Phil Haas from Beautiful Abilities wanted to share this with the providers affected by the flooding in Texas this month.
“Praying everyone ok.  Devastating, so sorry.

Just reaching out to offer temporary re-location and place if needed, we could help. The ranch in Edge ( just off I-45/Hwy 21) has room up to 8 comfortably (few more with cots)  in Texas room, has bathroom ( 2 -3 other baths available on ranch) , Central AC, shower, kitchen, direct TV and single beds. We also have a spare bedroom in home with queen bed. We can accommodate at our day program as well. We can work out staff support if needed.If longer term, got a 3 BR/2BA house in College Station ( SL approved ) available as soon as October 1 for at least 30-45 days. (it is currently for sale, if someone makes an offer). Has furnishings can get beds set up. Can do temp at ranch until then.

Got lots of friends and big churches who always help, can reach out to them if more needed. I’ll do what I can, just let me know. God bless.”

Contact Phil Haas at 979/571-4900