As far as we are aware of, HHSC has not had an HCS/TxHmL Applicant Provider orientation/testing session since September of 2018.  

In June, we were informed by some of the new staff at HHSC that no testing would occur until December 2019, but we have now been updated by a few of the new applicants that they have received letters as of 7/19/19, inviting them to the PAO in August 2019, but, with no specific dates.  Unfortunately, we cannot post a study prep session until we find out the exact dates, because we have the study prep class the evening of the 1st day of orientation.  As soon as we find out, we will post the live study prep session. Thank you all for your patience.

These past 6 months have been very trying for new HCS/TxHmL applicants, as HHSC appears to have gone through some massive changes in processes at enrollment and contracts and in staff. Many people that completed corrections requested of them on applications and appeared to have been approved verbally over the phone or via emails, were later sent letters from a different contact person at HHSC, again requesting additional corrections.  Even more frustrating were letters of denials with no explanation.  We hope that we have assisted most of you as quickly as possible.  We also received calls from people who needed help with these issues and they were not applicants that we originally worked with, but we have tried to assist these people as well. Thank you all for being so patient and staying so positive!  Here is hoping things will go more smoothly in the future.  Many thanks to the supervisors we contacted at HHSC that were so helpful in the process.