October 24, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Meghan Jones


“G-Tube Clients- Best Practices And Care Planning in IDD Waiver Programs”  (HCS/TxHmL/ICF)

Date:  October 24th, 2019    (rescheduled from Oct. 1st, 2019)

Time:  10 AM-12:00 PM

Cost: $65/person

For:  Nursing Staff, Quality Assurance Staff, Program Managers, Administrators

Presenter:  Gina Peterson, RN Consultant


-How do I assess an individual with a G-Tube/Peg Tube?  (What am I looking for?)

– Ideas for G/T Care Planning Outcomes and/or Nursing Goals (includes some samples of different nursing guidelines in these areas)

-Things The Nurse Really Needs To Know:

-What Is The Difference Between The Following: Catheter, Peg Tube, J-Tube, G-Tube, a Mickey Button-with Detachable Feeding and Med Tube only?

-When Is A G/T Needed? 

-Pre and Post Op Considerations

-Is The Tube Temporary or Permanent?  Can the Process Be Reversed if No Longer Necessary?

-How Often Should The Tube Be Changed- Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, Only As Needed?

-Who Can Change The Individual’s Tube- Surgeon, Gastroenterologist, PCP, FNPC, Nurse (LVN or RN?)  

-Enteral Feedings and Nutritional Supplements

-What Needs To Be On Physician’s Orders in Relation To The Individual’s G/T- Type of Tube, Size of Tube (if Applicable), Frequency of Changing Tube and Who Does it, Specifying Route of Medications, Requesting Liquid Meds. When Available, How often H20 flushes occur, etc….?

Best Practices To Address Common G/T Issues- example: prevention of aspiration during G/T feedings, trouble-shooting device malfunctions, monitoring bowel movements 

G-T Issues Needing Immediate or Emergency Attention


-What resources are available for training the Nurses & The UAP’s (Staff)Previous Provider and Family, HHSC, PCP, Gastroenterologist, Title IX/DME Provider, MCO RN Case Manager, University Libraries, On-Line Videos/Webinars, etc..?

-What kind of training needs should be addressed with UAP’s, the Individual, and/or Family?

-Ideas for training and training tools for the following: (What to Observe and What to Report to The Nurse (ex:blocked tube excoriation of the stoma area, bowel movements), How To Perform Feedings and Flushes, Options on How To Administer Medications (ex: Liquids vs. Pills), and much more. 

– Nurse & Provider ensuring UAP’s and other people involved in individual’s care, have received special needs training



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