February 28, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
Harris Center For MH & IDD Services
9401 Southwest Fwy
TX 77074
Meghan Jones

“Care Coordination In The HCS Program-Day 2”

Live Session 

Location:  Harris Center For MH & IDD Services  (Main Conference Room)

Date:  February 28th, 2020

Time:  9:00 AM-3:30 PM

Cost:  $150/person  (includes manual with handouts)

** We will have coffee, waters and some snacks available.  There are also drink and snack vending machines on site.

For:  HCS Care Coordinator/Case Manager,  Program Manager, Administrator, Quality Assurance Staff, Nurses and more

Description:  This class is designed for anyone who is first starting out in the HCS Waiver Program as a new provider and for those persons coordinating services (case management) for the individuals in the HCS Waiver Program. This class is also effective for Nursing staff who need to know how the program works overall as they are part of the coordination of services for the individuals in the program.  Lastly, this is also a great session for those providing oversight and quality assurance for the program.

The discussion will include:

What Is a LON?

-A review of the definition of LON (Level of Need) in the HCS, TxHmL, and ICF/IID programs

Completing ICAP’s, and IDRC’s

-What is the ICAP (Inventory for Client & Agency Planning) and how is it utilized?

-When does the provider complete an ICAP and Why Do They Need To?

-What is the IDRC (Intellectual Disability/Related Condition) form

-When is the IDRC filled out and by who?  

-What does LON mean (Level of Need)?  (assistance needed, dollars required for that assistance level, etc…)

-How do I get a Level of Need increase?  Who applies for the Level of Need increase? 

-Utilization Review Department- what is their role?  (Monitoring units in CARE and Utilization of services, Approving Levels of Needs, etc…)


-Billable Services In The HCS Program

-Definition of all Billable Services on the IPC (Individual Plan of Care)

Hourly and Daily Unit services such as RSS/SL, HH/CC, CFC (PAS-HAB), DH, REH, PT, OT, SP, DI, BES, CRT, AU, SW, CDS, etc…

-Other Services (Units in dollars only):  Adaptive Aids, Minor Home Modifications, Dental, Pre-Minor Home Mod and OT Assessment, TAS

– Recent and some Upcoming Changes in the HCS Billing Guidelines

       -How do I document to capture the most billing?-How to prevent billing for non-billable services?


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