“Adaptive Aids/Minor Home Mods/Dental -2019 Update” (Webinar)

March 18, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
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Meghan Jones

“Adaptive Aids/Minor Home Mods/Dental, -2019 Update”

This Session is For HCS & TXHML  Programs
Date:  March 18th, 2019
Time:  10 AM-12:30 PM
QA Session from 12:15 pm – 12:30 pm
Cost:  $40 per person

For:  Program Administrators, Program Directors, Care Coordinators/Case Managers, QA Staff and more

Webinar will be via “Go To Webinar”
Instructions  for the webinar and training handout will be sent to your email, after payment is made online or received by check.                

For: Program Administrators, Program Directors, Care Coordinators, LIDDA Representatives- Service Coordinators, etc..

Topics: (HCS  & TxHmL Program)

Adaptive Aids (HCS & TxHmL)

Minor Home Mods, Transition Support Services, & Pre-Enrollment Minor Home Mods./Minor Home Mod. Assessments (HCS services only).

Discussion over Chapter 6000 of the Billing Guidelines and Appendix VII (List of AA’s with codes) and X (List of MHM’s with codes).

Discussion about new pre-enrollment services-TAS and MHM’s. Review of procedures on how to request any of these services, how to get reimbursed and what items to keep for a billing audit. Contact information in billing department to ask questions, FAQ’s about AA’s & MHM’s, as well as Vendor Hold.

Will also discuss special circumstances, such as: justifying less than 3 required bids, or when you don’t need 3 bids, when you don’t have to have a new assessment, or an assessment at all, nutritional Supplements, wipes and gloves, etc…


We would be glad to invoice you, so you can pay via credit card, debit card, or paypal account or you may pay by check.  Please indicate how you will paying when you register with Meghan Jones.

You may also pay online by going to our HCS Services page and clicking on the paypal link at the bottom of the page.  http://twogetherconsulting.com/services/hcs-services/

Remember to enter in in total $ amount for # of attendees.  Ex:  2 people want to attend x $125 =$250 total. If you have any problems, please ask Meghan Jones to walk you through when you call to register.  Please contact us directly about group rates.



You must contact Meghan Jones at: meghanjones.tx@gmail.com  to complete registration or you may contact her by phone at: (361) 649-5104.   **If you are not paying for the class online, you may send checks to:  Twogether Consulting P.O. Box 90426 Austin, TX 78709

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