November 19, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Meghan Jones


“Abuse,Neglect and Exploitation Reporting- 2018 Update “

For ICF/IID Program

Training Developed For:  

Direct Support Staff, Managers, QIDP’s, Nurses, and Family Members


Day 1 (November 19th, 2018)  10:00 am-12 pm    

For: Direct Support Staff, Managers, Program Directors, QIDP’s, Nurses, & New ICF Provider/Owner, Family Members

Topics:   Abuse Neglect And Exploitation Definitions/Terminology:  Definitions of A/N/E.  Examples of A/N/E in the Workplace and outside of the facility.  What are my Responsibilities concerning Reporting A/N/E?   Abuse Neglect And Exploitation Reporting: When to Report ANE?  Where to Report ANE?  Who Do I Report It To-DFPS/DADS/Police?  Why Should I Report It? Are there Consequences For Not Reporting?  Is Retaliation Allowed When Staff, Family or Individual Reports Suspected A/N/E? What is My Responsibility?  Who Can Report ANE?  Documentation:  Incident Reports, Direct Support Staff/Residential Notes, etc….

Responsibilities of the Facility/Provider after A/N/E Has Been Reported:  ANE Follow Up Checklist Tool, Expectations From DADS/HHSC, TDFPS.  Notification of The Right People.  Timelines For Notification. Keeping the Alleged Perpetrator From The Individual, if Appropriate,  Psychological & Medical Assistance For The Individual, When Appropriate,   Importance of Follow Up Documentation:  Progress Notes, Emails and Faxes, Nursing Notes, QIDP Notes, Administrator Notes, etc…  

Survey issues-Resulting From ANE Allegation Investigation and/or Follow Up, Plans of Correction- For Specific ICF Federal Tags- In Particular- Immediate Jeopardy related to any ANE Allegations.

**All attendees will receive webinar link, handouts, recommended forms, and resources once they pay for session.  Session will be recorded as well and you will receive email in 1-2 days after webinar with link to invite you to watch the video at later date again if necessary.                                  

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